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130 years of wine making excellence

The tradition of fine winemaking has been nurtured in Tikves Winery for over a century. It is the oldest winery in Macedonia that has gone through various transformations, continuously reinventing itself to meet market needs and consumers’ preferences.
In 2003, Tikves Winery became ownership of M6, successful Macedonian investment group with substantial previous experience in the beverage industry and with large multinational companies. Under the new leadership, a process of intensive investments begun and in the last decade, over 30 million euros have been invested in state of the art winemaking technology, improvement and modernization of the facilities, as well as introducing best viticultural practices. The goal is to create “Macedonia’s Finest” with meticulous attention to detail in each phase of the winemaking process, starting from the vineyards, until the product reaches consumers.

Tradition meets innovation
As the largest and most innovative winery in Macedonia and the region Tikves Winery today is the driving force of the Macedonian winemaking industry. The scale of operations is determined not only by the capacity for production but also by domestic and export sales. Our wines are present in markets in the region, as well as in the USA, Great Britain and China.

Tikves Winery through numbers:
Annual turnover: € 21 million
Sales of bottles/annually: 12 million
Export vs Domestic sales: 50% : 50%
Export value within MK bottled wine export: 40%
Vinification capacity: 300.000 hl
Own vineyards: 1.000 ha
Cellar: 1.500 m² with 450 barrique and 180 oak casks

Tikves Winery has substantial footprint on local grape production. Grapes are sourced from own vineyards but also from over 2500 individual grape growers. A special program for training and cooperation has been developed and is implemented continuously in order to assure high quality grapes and implementation of good agricultural practices.
All vineyards in ownership of Tikves Winery and the largest part of vineyards owned by our contractors have a Global GAP Certification on sustainable growth. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we use lightweight bottles for all our wines, thinner carton without partitions and screw-capped bottles as much as possible. Tikves is one of the founders of the Macedonian association of manufactures that collect packaging waste (boxes, glass, PVC).

Versatile product portfolio with intrinsic style and quality
We believe that a wine reflects its place of origin, not only by the specific terroir, but also by the authentic character and style nurtured during the production process. The team of oenologists at Tikves Winery is a mix of international and domestic experience, youth and wisdom, combining tradition and contemporary winemaking techniques.

Using the benefits naturally afforded by the climate and soil and the expertise of Philippe Cambie, one of the world’s most recognized wine consultants, our expert winemaking team crafts invigorating, vibrant, and powerful wines from both local and international grape varieties. Our product portfolio includes more than 50 different products, classified in various ranges.

Terroir wines
Alexandria Cuvée
Special Selection
T’ga za jug
Table wines


Lozova rakija
Lozova rakija – Zolta VS

The pinnacle of our production is represented through the single vineyard wines Barovo and Bela Voda, while recently estate bottled wines have been added to our undertaking by launching the Domaine Lepovo brand.

Awards and accolades
Each year the quality of our wines is again recognized at internationally respected wine competitions, as well as by renowned wine critics, such as Robert Parker and The Wine Advocate team. Tikves wines receive up to 50 awards and accolades annually.
- In 2014, Robert Parker and his Wine Advocate, confirmed and even improved the grade of 94 given in 2012 for Bela Voda red 2010, with 95 points for Bela Voda Red 2012 and gave high 90+ points for other 7 terroir wines.
- Tikves is the only winery that has won high 93, 94, 95/100 points for its wines in entire South Eastern Europe.
- Tikves wines have won 50 awards and recognitions in 2015 alone, out of which 13 gold medals at world renowned wine competitions in the UK, France and Germany.

Experiencing the story of wine
Tikves Winery offers winery tours that provide visitors with an opportunity to discover not only the story about Tikves but also the history of the whole region. Our professional team guides all wine lovers in the complete experience of wine and food pairing in the captivating restaurant located in the winery cellar.

Alexandria Cuvée – White

Alexandria Cuvée – White

Quality dry white wine, a blend (cuvée) of the Chardonnay and Riesling varieties with delicate golden colour and a greenish reflection. It exhibits fresh and in ...
Alexandria Cuvée – Rosé

Alexandria Cuvée – Rosé

Quality rosé wine, a blend (cuvée) of the Vranec and Merlot varieties, with bright pink colour and silvery reflection. This wine exhibits rich fruity-flowery sc ...
Alexandria Cuvée – Red

Alexandria Cuvée – Red

Quality red wine, a blend (cuvée) of the Vranec and Merlot varieties, with intense ruby red colour. It exhibits complex aromas of red and black fruits – cherrie ...
T’ga za jug

T’ga za jug

Quality semi-dry red wine with appellation of origin from the Tikveš wine region. It has an intense red colour, distinctive aroma of raisins and raspberries, ri ...
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