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3300 Eger, Csiky Sándor u. 10, Hungary

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The Wine experience centre:
Fusion, one of the most exciting design cellars of Hungary, opened in late June, 2014. The 1400m2 complex comprises a 500-metre-cellar, a wine bar, wine shop, lounge, a wine-tasting room catering for up to 60 people, one of the best equipped kitchens of the region, and the
first Bull’s Blood Museum in the world. The building itself is a masterpiece fusing traditional and modern styles and connecting the past with the present. The first wine experience centre merges quality entertainment with a first-class gastronomical and wine experience. Fusion alone makes Eger a must-visit destination.

With the museum at Fusion, the concept of a museum has been re-interpreted. The emphasis is firmly on ensuring enjoyment for all guests. No matter what age, gender of knowledge of wines, everyone is guaranteed an experience they will never forget. In order for this to achieve the designers of the complex have created one of the most unique parts of the facility, the first interactive “Egri Bikavér” Museum of the world. Visitors get a glimpse of the past, present and future of Egri Bikavér from many perspectives. Unique to our museum, visitors are offered the opportunity to craft “their own Egri Bikavér cuvée” and, at the end of their visit, guests receive their cuvée, already bottled and labelled - an extraodinary reminder of their visit to Fusion.

Wine cellar:
Our 500-metre wine cellar located 47 cm from the wine bar adds to the unique atmosphere of the place. A combination of excellent architectural solutions and perfect conditions ensure the best possible location to age wine, both in barrels and bottles. The cellar additionally provides room for 20 wine safes, which are sold loaded with wines. At the back of the cellar is the most extraordinary part, housing old vintages, alongside the very first wines created by Tibor Gál Senior.

Cellar bar/Wine tasting:
Bearing quality winemaking and wine consumption in mind, Tibor Gál intended to establish a place in the heart of the Eger Wine Region which would make the cultural and gastronomical experience of those visiting Eger complete. In the wine bar situated right in the centre of the Fusion limited series of Classical and Superior items produced by the Gál Tibor Winery can be purchased. At Fusion you can even order smaller quantities of premium segment, Superior category wines for tasting. Our guests can select for themselves between 5-10 items for tasting, whatever their preferences. We make your wine experience an unforgettable event via a visit to the cellar, introduction of antique wines, and professional guidance provided by our high-knowledgeable, outgoing and friendly team of professionals.

Sommelier Kitchen:
In the Fusion kitchen high quality, local, seasonal ingredients meet the latest cooking techniques in the hands of our modern chef, Tamás Szeredi. As a result, both wine appetizers served during wine tasting and three types of degustation menus (Classic, Superior and Grand Superior) offering several courses guarantee an exciting culinary experience. All dishes, whether large or small, are prepared with precision to exacting standards.

Egri Bikavér Superior 2011

Egri Bikavér Superior 2011

The new generation of Bikavér wines. Its deep ruby red colour impulses real seriousness also proved by the slow movement of the wine in glass. In its nose “kékf ...
FÚZIÓ 2012

FÚZIÓ 2012

Golden-yellow colour with a slight greenish shade. Aromas of spring flowers, vanilla and spices exude offering a light sweetness in the nose. A wine of beautifu ...


Nice ruby colour. Characteristic ripe Pinot Noir notes in the nose. Besides exciting combination of fruits,a hint of tobacco can be discovered in the fragrance. ...


This is a real Egri Csillag. In the nose spring fl owers and besides citrus and mint, peach is also characteristic. A charmingly tart taste with almond and ripe ...
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