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The Garajeest is a premium, trendy wine label of fine handcrafted wines; distinctive, honest and gentle in nature - wines that tell a story .The Garajeest brand is a combination of quirky wit with an imaginative tongue-in-cheek quality. We focus on some of the most important aspects of life that bring all kinds of people together - family and humour paired with food and wine. Each wine expresses the values and passion of the winemaker.Every vintage adds to the story of our wine making dream.

The Garajeest aims at producing wines of the highest possible quality, from vineyards and clones best suited to South Africa's unique Terroir. Minimal intervention in the cellar is applied, allowing each wine to reflect the geographical character of its origin-area specific wines. The Garajeest is not bound to a specific wine area or style. We have the freedom to choose parcels of exceptional, different and interesting grape cultivars from regions around the Western Cape and produce wines that are cultivar expressive, Terroir driven and elegant.

We currently produce a limited number of cases each vintage; The Garajeest Cabernet Franc & The Garajeest Semillon, from grapes grown in the cool climate vineyards of Elgin in the Western Cape of South Africa-producing wines of elegance. The Elgin Region is a beautiful example of perfect opportunities for vineyard site selection and ideal vintage conditions: “winemaking starts in the vineyard after all.”

Callan Williams (AKA “The Garajeest”) Director, Founder, Winemaker & Driver for The Garajeest, is the inspiration behind the brand. Her dream to become a premium artisanal producer of fine handcrafted wines is fast becoming a reality. Her Vision is to create a down-to-earth brand with a relaxed approach to wine making and wine enjoyment. The brand focuses on family, food, and humour – the simple things in life that should not be taken for granted. WINES FOR EVERY OCCASION!

“Wines driven by quality, excitement, humour and intrigue-Wines that tell a story.”

The Garajeest Semillon 2015

The Garajeest Semillon 2015

SEMILLON VINEYARDS The general climate of Elgin is considered uniquely well suited to the growing of premium quality grapes. With no shortage of water in the v ...
The Garajeest Cabernet Franc 2015

The Garajeest Cabernet Franc 2015

The Cabernet Franc quietly matures in Barrel. Awaiting Bottling in April 2016. ...
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