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La Pancora
The history of our company began in 1995, when the successful American businessman Edward Tutunjian was on vacation in Chile. He fell in love with the country and with its excellent wines. During this trip, he decided to invest in Chile and acquired his first vineyard called “La Pancora”. It is located in the traditional and well known Curico Valley.

Subsequently, with the intention of increasing both the area under cultivation and the variety of wine grapes, he acquired a second property in “Huaquen”. This vineyard is located in an area known for the excellence of its grapes due to its Mediterranean climate. The vineyard lies on the border of the Curico and Maule Valleys.

Due to the great success of his first wine launched in the American market under the name “Pacifico Sur”, Mr. Tutunjian decided to add to his holdings the “Apaltagua Winery and Vineyards”. These acquisitions are located in the 6th Region of the country in the prestigious Apalta Valley in Colchagua, where he vinifies and bottles all his wines and from where he intends to continue contributing to Chile’s award winning wines.

San Juan de Pirque
In 2007, San Juan de Pirque, a country estate located in the Maipo Valley was added to complete the holdings. Here is the company’s guest house, considered part of Chile's national heritage, surrounded by woods of native centenarian trees. Twelve hectares of premium quality Cabernet Sauvignon have recently been planted on the hillside of the property.

San Antonio
In 2011, the company acquired a property in the San Antonio Valley and 132 hectares of vineyards have already been planted with grape varieties that are well suited to the cooler coastal areas such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Noir. The vineyard is only 10 km away from the Pacific Ocean, thus benefitting from the maritime influence.

El Huaico
Apaltagua’s latest vineyard acquisition consists of 64 hectares of vineyards in the Palmilla area of the Colchagua Valley, another premium winegrowing area for varieties such as Carmenere, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

Our winery, located on the company premises in Apalta, is equipped with the latest technology and equipment allowing us to produce wines that surpass the expectations of the most demanding consumers. Our modern facilities have a storage capacity of 5.000.000 liters and plans are in place for additional stainless-steel tanks.

To date, Viña Apaltagua owns 390 hectares of planted vineyards, land which has been carefully selected by a team of agricultural experts taking into consideration climate and soil conditions.

Apaltagua’s wines are crafted by a team of highly experienced enologists including Benjamin Mei, Carolina Franca and our winemaker consultant Alvaro Espinoza who was awarded with the distinction of “Personality of the Year 2007” in London’s famous International Wine Challenge.

The company’s wines are present in more than 40 different markets throughout the world with its principal markets being Brazil, the United States, England, Denmark, Russia and China. Apaltagua is always on the lookout for new and emerging markets and Turkey is one of the company’s interests.

The winery is proud to be among the first to be granted the sustainability certification awarded by Vinos de Chile, thus contributing to more ecological and socially aware labor practices.

Apaltagua has a wide array of products consisting of entry level, Reserva, Grand Reserva and High end wines. In 2013 Apaltagua will also launch a Sparkling Wine with grapes coming from the cool coastal area of San Antonio.

Tutunjian Entre Valles Ultra Premium

Tutunjian Entre Valles Ultra Premium

Notas del Enólogo Este vino es limpio, de color rubí profundo y con aromas de gran intensidad. Tiene notas a cerezas y grosellas negras, toques de pimienta neg ...
Apaltagua Colección Limited Edition

Apaltagua Colección Limited Edition

Notas del Enólogo De color rubí pálido e intensidad media, este vino tiene un aroma pronunciado a frutas silvestres tipo cassis, grosella negra, frambuesa silv ...
Apaltagua Gran Reserva Envero

Apaltagua Gran Reserva Envero

Notas del Enólogo El vino es de color rojo-violáceo, brillante, vivo, donde aparecen frutos maduros, tabaco y notas de especias. Nuestro Apaltagua Gran Reserva ...
Tutunjian Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Tutunjian Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Notas del enólogo Tutunjian Single Vineyard se caracteriza por ser complejo, robusto y bien balanceado. Destacan en él sus generosas notas a moras y arándano c ...
Apaltagua Grial Carmenere

Apaltagua Grial Carmenere

Notas del enólogo Nuestro Apaltagua Grial, es un vino de color rojo rubí de gran intensidad y brillo. Se destaca por su estilo sólido y moderno. Posee notas a ...
Apaltagua Signature Cabernet Sauvignon

Apaltagua Signature Cabernet Sauvignon

Notas del enólogo Nuestro Signature Cabernet Sauvignon es de color rojo rubí y posee sabores a frutas rojas. Se distinguen por su sabor a cereza y frescas nota ...
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