Cognacs Pierre De Segonzac

La Nérole 16130 Segonzac, France

Phone: +33 546 30 22 14

From 1702 onwards, Jacques, ancestor of the family, started to distil and age the products of his vineyards. Today, out of respect Pierre will only negotiate old and prestigious products, as they used to do it in the past, in the heart of Grande Champagne, where you may find the first and most respected brand of Cognac.

«To make the best Cognac, you have to grow the grapes, make the wine and distil it the best way. Then you watch it as it ages. In my cellars, there are Cognacs that were made by my father, my grandfather and my great grandfather.»

Jacques settled in 1702 in Segonzac: today Pierre ages and blends the best Cognacs using the traditional methods transmitted by the previous generations. Pierre uses two stills, of 18 and 25 hectoliters, the ideal size for the best eaux de-vie. Wine is distilled twice in a copper Charentais alembic. After the first distillation, the wine becomes the brouillis. The "brouillis" is then distilled: head and tail (beginning and ending) are separated from the heart, the only part which is to age into limousin oak barrels. Each year, there is as much as 3% of Cognac production that evaporates. This evaporation is known as the «Angels' share».

COGNAC VSOP Grande Champagne

COGNAC VSOP Grande Champagne

Brillant copper color. Sweet perfumed nose of honey and fruit. A smooth entry leads to a round, off-dry meduim-bodied palate with toffe and baked fruit flavors. ...
COGNAC XO RÉSERVE Grande Champagne

COGNAC XO RÉSERVE Grande Champagne

Deep copper color. Round and spicy, nose is attractive. A skill entry leads to very smooth, sweetish meduim-to full-bodied texture with nice honey, marzipan, an ...
COGNAC XO Sélection des Anges Grande Champagne

COGNAC XO Sélection des Anges Grande Champagne

Beautiful deep mahogany color. Round and persistent, this Cognac named from the share which evaporates each years from the barrel, manages to marry firts and ...
COGNAC XO EXTRA Grande Champagne

COGNAC XO EXTRA Grande Champagne

The "rancio" Charentais at its peak; an aromatic explosion at first, a subtle and delicate bouquet, Extra Grande Champagne reached full maturity, outstanding fi ...
COGNAC XO Ancestrale Grande Champagne

COGNAC XO Ancestrale Grande Champagne

Produced with eaux-de-vie made by André and Abel, Pierre's grandfather and great-grandfather. This top of the line bottling resembles a very old wine in its sub ...

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