Viña Ruda

Carretera de Alcázar, km 0.5, 13700 Tomelloso Ciudad Real, Spain

Phone: +34 926 03 85 85

In Viña Ruda we are like you, innovative, creative and unapologetic. For this reason, we produce original wines, like you.

Viña Ruda is a unique project, in which we expressed our experiences in the world of wine. An energetic atmosphere, wherein past and future come together.

Wines full of enthusiasm, passion, natural flavors, that will surprise you.

Our facilities are the most advanced of our production area. A perfect conjunction between traditional methods and the most advanced oenology.

With over 7,000 m2 of Winery and 15 hectares of vineyard, Viña Ruda is a pioneer winery in the Spanish wine market.

Its beginning has meant the emergence of a different and unique project.

In Viña Ruda we are at the forefront of winemaking. Our production process, "Wine Infusion" is the result of three years of research. A process of R + D + i which is backed by the University of Castilla - La Mancha, Navarra and LAAE University of Zaragoza.

This process is efficient extraction of grape skin, which is encapsulated in a stainless steel column. Then, the must - wine passes through the column. Using this technique we we achieved highly aromatic, delicate and modern wines.

Ruda Casual

Ruda Casual

Winemaking The cold maceration, bring to the must Airen the traditionally hidden from aromatic variety. These aromas are preserved in an extreme fermentation ...
Ruda Airén Fermentado en Barrica

Ruda Airén Fermentado en Barrica

Winemaking Grape must introduced in new French oak barrels. Aging for 4 months in contact with ne lees which are periodically removed to facilitate oxygenation ...
Ruda Infusión

Ruda Infusión

Winemaking Vinification system developed by Viña Ruda, after three years of research. Is a very effective extraction. The grape juice goes through a column in ...
Ruda Roble

Ruda Roble

WINEMAKING The Tempranillo grapes used in this wine come from 10-20 yearold vines. After being hand-harvested and undergoing cluster selection in the vineyards ...
Ruda Ensamblaje

Ruda Ensamblaje

WINEMAKING Controlled fermentation followed by aging for 6 months in new French and American oak. Control of temperature and humidity throughout the process. T ...
Ruda Cardinal

Ruda Cardinal

WINEMAKING PROCESS Harvested in mid of September 2012 when the skin have reached maturity. Destemmed and then placed in stainless steel containers for fermenta ...

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