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When buying Gin in the 1700's and 1800's you'd be offered a simple choice: English Gin or Holland's Gin. Hollands Gin was the Jenever, and English Gin was branded fancy names as Young Tom or Old Tom, or named after the distillery as Booth's and Warrington.

At that time, England was the largest importer of French Champagne and consumers would buy such bottles filled with gin at the gin shops. And most likely they would enjoy a dram or two on site.
The quality and taste of gin would depend on the supplier and whether the gin was stored in bottles or barrels. And gin kept in barrels would apply flavors from the wood and new aromas would develop over time.

Old English Gin is made from a 1783 recipe, distilling eleven botanicals in the oldest pot still being used in England today. Old English Gin will come in champagne bottles with organic sealing and silk print, all as they did back in 1783, or from a barrel as the Barman's Special Reserve. This way we are reinvigorating how English Gin was made and distributed back then.

So to taste a cocktail as it was intended, you need a Gin that hasn't changed. Old English Gin is how it was: Truly original

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Old English Gin

When buying Gin in the 1700’s and 1800’s you’d be offered a simple choice: English Gin or Holland’s Gin. Hollands Gin is today known as Jenever, and English Gin ...

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