Valdonica Winery & Vineyard

Via Dogana 1, I-58036 Sassofortino (Roccastrada), Grosseto Toscana, Italien

Телефон: +39 0564 567 251

One visionary Owner.
A Small passionate Artisan-­Team.
Wines with a Vision.
A Positive energy, a Soil with a Soul.

Our Vision:
In the Vineyard: Sangiovese, Vermentino, Handmade, Organic, Precision.
In the Cellar: Passion, Technic, Organic, Wine lovers.
In the Bottle: Charm, Temperament, Spices Refined, Idealistic.

Going with the flow of Nature. Valdonica is blessed by a unique territory. 500 meters altitude, looking the Mediterranean sea, means great thermic excursions and never too cold winter, as well as never too hot summer; a volcanic soil rich in quartz is another rare characteristic. This match between weather and soil means grapes able to produce wines deep and drinkable, complex and elegant, powerful and fresh. Mineral. To maximize location and terrain, and to preserve it, Valdonica is certified organic since 2012.

Cellar. Less is more:
Obtain the most from grapes, it means enhancing what we have, forget to create something that does not exist. To be Genuine. The goal is uniquewines, because it is unique the place
where these grapes grow. Wines with Valdonica character. The path is the most natural way possible. Scratch invasive, chemical, unnatural practices.

Wine in the Bottle, the final result:
5 different wines
5 characters and temperaments
5 expressions of the territory
5 idealistic vision of wine
Wines aged in bottle from 16 to 24 months, to arrive to the best.
The end of the story is in your glass.
The idea of wine is ready to taste.

Arnaio 2008

Arnaio 2008

IGT Toscano, 95% Sangiovese-5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13.5% alcohol, aged for 18 months in Barriques ... distinguished fruit embedded in deep structure and harmoni ...
Arnaio 2010 (IGT Maremma Toscana Rosso)

Arnaio 2010 (IGT Maremma Toscana Rosso)

Bocca secca, acida, lunga e decisa. Un naso dal terroir da manuale. Il 2010 si presenta come annata complessa, equilibrata ed elegante; Arnaio riempie la bocc ...
Saragio 2008

Saragio 2008

DOC Monteregio di Massa Marittima, 100% Sangiovese, 13.5% alcohol, aged for 18 months in Barriques ... deep coloured, awaking earthy fruits vibrations of "goddi ...
Saragio 2010 (Monteregio di Massa Marittima Rosso)

Saragio 2010 (Monteregio di Massa Marittima Rosso)

Delightful nose and clean taste. Easy to drink, but not an easy wine. The vintage 2010 looks complex, balanced and elegant; Saragio convinces with great char ...
Baciolo 2009 (Monteregio DOC Riserva)

Baciolo 2009 (Monteregio DOC Riserva)

A Tuscan sangiovese with soft and precise taste. Full, long, expression of the territory and the grape. 2009 looks like a year in which microclimate and cella ...
Ballarino 2012 (Maremma DOC)

Ballarino 2012 (Maremma DOC)

Pure, mineral, clean. A taste with a gentle strength. The vintage 2012 was a year of low yield but with great character; Ballarino reflects the characterist ...
Mersino (IGT Maremma Toscana)

Mersino (IGT Maremma Toscana)

Freshness, lightness and pleasantness. Here's how it looks an every8day white wine according with Valdonica. 2014 was a vintage of widespread bad weather, but ...
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