Bodegas Velasco Ballesteros S.L.

Calle Rodríguez Chico, 32 47500 NAVA DEL REY (VALLADOLID), Spain

Phone: +34 649 054 988

Bodegas Velasco Ballesteros has recently been established by a family of local vinegrowers who historically had always only sold their grapes to local wineries in the Rueda Denomination but have now decided to produce and bottle their own top quality wines, Torrenava Verdejo and Torrenava Sauvignon the only wines they produce from carefully selected grapes from their own vineyards. Situated in central, north-west Spain, DO Rueda, 40 km from Valladolid on the plains of the central meseta of Castilla y León, Verdejo is the reigning king of all grape varieties in this region. Based in Nava del Rey, the winery has 45 hectares of vineyards planted mainly with Verdejo and a small percentage of Sauvignon Blanc. The Verdejo, an indigenous variety to the region since the 11th century, has flavours that are reminiscent of mountain herbs and fruital notes that have a slight sensation of sweetness because of the grape’s glycerine and alcohol components which balance its excellent acidity. Sauvignon Blanc, introduced from the Loire in the ‘70s, has adapted well to the climate and soil. It produces wines of good acidity and freshness with great aromatic intensity and exotic fruits and a touch of jasmine. The quality of the wine begins with the most careful viticultural practices in the vineyard and the selection of the vines from which the grapes are collected. Harvesting at night ensures the absolute freshness of the grapes. Bodegas Velasco Ballesteros are equipped with the most advanced methods of elaboration but also respects the traditional principles of vinification.

Torrenava Verdejo

Torrenava Verdejo

Night harvest followed by a fast reception at the winery to prevent oxidation. Pressing with pneumatic extraction of yolk musts, immediately, isotherm stored to ...
Torrenava Sauvignon

Torrenava Sauvignon

Night harvest followed by a fast reception at the winery to prevent oxidation. Follows the same process as our Verdejo variety. After a cold soak period and the ...

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