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Venere has a deep ruby red colour. The wine is complex, rich and elegant, displaying a full body, vibrant fruit, balanced spicy oak and smooth tannins. Intense blackberry and cherry fruit aromas are followed by black pepper, bitter chocolate and nut notes. Elegant structure, high concentration and a big length. Beautiful balance between red ripe fruit, spicy flavours and sweet oak, the wine displays a great volume with smooth and velvety tannins. Elegant and complex wine with a long persistence.

Serve with patés, venison, mushrooms, cheeses like gruyere or livarot. This amazing wine is the ideal companion for roast lamb or pig as well as meats cooked over coals and spiced with aromatic herbs. We suggest to serve at 18°C.

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VARIETIES: 60% Carmenere, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Syrah


TOTAL ACIDITY: 5.53 g/L (Tartaric Acid)


Ph: 3.55


Karakteristiklerin detayları

HARVEST: The grapes were hand harvested and immediately refrigerated at temperatures between 12 and 16 ° C.

CRUSHING: The harvest is gently milled stemmer-crusher machine to proceed to fill small ponds stainless steel fermentation each strain separately.

COLD MACERATION: Crushed grapes are macerated for a period between 72 hours at low temperatures (below 15 ° C). This technique increases the aromatic extraction and color.

INOCULATION: Grinding is inoculated with selected yeast cultures.

FERMENTATION: The fermentation is conducted at controlled temperatures between 25 and 30 ° C for 8 days.

COLOR EXTRACTION: Pumping over by taking the juice under the cap of skins and irrigating the skins in an intermittent manner. With this craftsmanship ensures powerful tannin and color extraction in natural and neat.

POST. FERMENTATIVE MACERATION: After the fermentation the wine is left in contact with the skins for a total period of maceration of 28 days to ensure maximum retention of fruit flavors and color extraction.

MALOLACTIC FERMENTATION: During maceration process post fermentative wine malolactic fermentation starts by the action of Leuconostoc oenos bacteria. This bacterium is endemic in our vineyards and its addition is not necessary and malolactic fermentation occurs naturally.

RAKING: After malolactic fermentation, the wine is allowed to stand and proceeded to rack to separate the gross lees. After the first racking sulfur dioxide is added in very low doses of around 20 to 35 milligrams per liter in its free form depending on the pH of the wine.

OAK MATURATION: Once the 3-component blend of 100% of the wine is aged in new French oak barrels. Parenting time is usually 18 months. Storage temperature 15 to 18° C.

FINING: To remove the bitter tannins egg albumin is used as fining tannic natural or as natural settling is only performed annually racking and 3.

COLD – STABILIZATION: To ensure the quality attributes of this wine is cold stabilized, but before packaging it makes a soft filter to remove suspended particles.

BOTTLING: The bottling is carried out in Monoblock GAI, with inert gas protection. Before the filling, the wine is filtered with Pad filtration.

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