Quance Wines

Summermoor Vineyard, Hearson, Swimbridge, North Devon, England, EX32 0QH

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This is our perfectly pink wine, dry and refreshing with a fruity body to carry it, the wine is produced from a blend of Chardonnay and Rondo grapes.

The wine expresses traditional English red berries on the nose, it is pale pink in colour and has crisp pomegranate and redcurrant flavours. This wine is produced to be completely dry with a zip of acidity, resulting in a refreshing finish similar in style to a Provence rosé. Perfectly paired with Devonshire seafood, salads or barbecues or alternatively this wine will make the ideal aperitif when served on it’s own.

This wine was first crushed and destemmed, followed by gently pressing the fruit and careful blending to create the perfect pale pink juice. We then induced an alcohol fermentation and completed this to create a fully dry wine. The wine was then lightly filtered to retain full flavour, yet rendering the wine brilliantly clear.

The wine is best served lightly chilled both on it’s own or with food.

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