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Old English Gin

When buying Gin in the 1700’s and 1800’s you’d be offered a simple choice: English Gin or Holland’s Gin. Hollands Gin is today known as Jenever, and English Gin was branded fancy names as Old Tom, Young Tom or Samson, or after the name of the distiller or the location ex. Booth’s, Gordon’s, Warrington and Beefeater.

In 1783, England was the largest importer of French Champagne, and it was normal that consumers would use any vessel they had for filling gin from the gin shops, and most likely there were a lot of Champagne bottles being re-used for filling in gin.

This Old English Gin is made from a 1783 recipe (still being kept in the safe at the distillery) distilling 11 botanicals in the oldest pot still being used in England at present day, called Angela or Grand Ma (named of the mother of the master distiller at that time). And made by John Dore Ltd. from some of the last British copper.

I wanted to create this unique product, being as original and true to a spirits category as possible, and yet in line with today’s requirements for high quality, environmental friendly and CO2 neutral products. And by using a traditional champagne bottle, organic sealing and silk printed label as they did in 1783, we are emphasizing the concept of how English Gin tasted and was made, named and distributed back then. So to taste a cocktail as it was intended, you need a Gin that hasn’t changed. Old English Gin is how it was: Truly original!

Old English Gin
• Distilled Gin at 44% ABV. Only sugar and water is added after the distillation
• Juniper, coriander, lemon, orange, angelica, cassia, liquorice, cinnamon, orris root, nutmeg, cardamom
• Distilled from 100% pure grain spirit (English wheat)
• Distilled at Langley Distillers in England - a 200 year old family owned distillery
• Silkscreen print label with environmental friendly paint
• Natural cork stopper and organic wax sealing

Ratings and awards
• ‘CLASS Magazine’ UK - rating: 5+/5
• ’Eye For Spirits’ DE - rating: 10/10
• 'GSN' USA - rating: A+
• Nominated “Best Green Launch 2012” at the Drinks Business in London
• Nominated “Best New Spirit” at the Cocktails Spirits 2013 in Paris
• Gold at San Diego International Spirits Tasting 2013
• Gold and Best in Show at Global Packaging Design Awards 2013
• Double Gold at San Francisco World Spirits 2014
• Double Gold and Best Gin at Fifty Best Gin in New York 2014
• Best in class at Bartenders Best Awards in London 2014
• Awarded The Worlds Best Gin in London 2015

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