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Geranium Gin 55

Geranium Gin has become one of the highest rated gins in the world and the darling among bartenders for its ability to create balance and sustain the flavours of the ingredients used in a cocktail. 2014 was Geranium Gin's 5th year anniversary, and to celebrate this properly we decided to make the Geranium Gin 55.

55% is the perfect alcohol strength to add more weight and enhance the pleasantness of the botanicals, and still retaining the smooth and well-balanced impression that signifies Geranium Gin. The fact that 55° is the latitude of my home adds an extra dimension to the making of this special edition of one of the world’s finest gins.

Geranium Gin 55 is to be used for those times when more intensity of the cocktail is needed and will be the perfect choice for a Dry Martini, G&T or Negroni and any other drink where a more powerfull gin has it's place.

• London Dry Gin at 55% ABV
• Distilled from 100% pure grain spirit made of the best English wheat
• Based on the original recipe for Geranium Gin and balanced to perfection
• Fresh and dry botanicals: juniper, geranium, lemon, orange, coriander, cassia, orris, angelica, liquorice
• Botanicals are matured for 48 hours and distilled in ‘Constance’, a 100 year old gin copper pot still
• Proudly distilled by Master Distilller ‘Rob’ at Langley Distillers, a 200 year old family owned distillery
• Active components in geranium: linalol, geraniol, geraniol formate, borneol, citronelol and rose oxide
• Tasting notes: As smooth and well balanced as Geranium Gin 44% with more intense flavors and crispyness

• Best In Class at the IWSC 2014
• Best Gin at the Bartenders Best Awards 2014

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