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440 03, Zitsa, Ioannina, Greece

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Protected Designation of Origin “Zitsa”
Semi-Sparkling White Wine

Vinification: The de-stemmed grapes are fermented in special tanks. The second fermentation occurs in closed tanks (cuves closes), enriching it with natural foaming. The slow fermentation at low temperature gives it a rich lather.

Average Annual Production: 20.000 bottles.

Wine Characteristics: It has a wheaten colour with thousands of natural bubbles. It has expressive and pleasant aromas of fresh fruits, mainly green fruits such as apple and pear and impressive hints of melon. It is light, cool and fresh taste, with rich foaming. It has a pleasant finish with length and finesse.

Accompanies: seafood, fresh raw salads, pasta, fruits, and pastries. It is also ideal as an aperitif.

Opšta svojstva

Variety: Debina from Zitsa

Area: Zitsa

Harvest: 20 - 30 of September

To be served: Chilled at 8°-10°C

Bottle: 750ml

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