Domain Glinavos

440 03, Zitsa, Ioannina, Greece

Telefon: +30 2658 02 22 12

Vlahiko Glinavos

Protected Geographical Indication “Ioannina”
Dry Red Wine

First Year of bottling: 2008.

First Year of Production: 2006.

Average Annual Production: 4000 bottles.

Vinification: The grapes of the local red varieties Vlahiko & Bekari are de-stemmed and vinified in oak vats. The vinification is performed using a classic method that lasts 12 days.

Wine Characteristics: Colour and aroma reminiscent of wild red berries (blackberries, wild cherries). The aging takes place in oak barrels for about two years creating a unique bouquet.

Accompanies: Red meat and cheese.

Opšta svojstva

Varieties: Vlahiko and Bekari (indigenous varieties)

Area of Cultivation: Ioannina

Harvest: Early October

To be served: Room temperature, 16° – 18°C

Bottle: 750ml

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