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Is made of wild cornelian cherry in accordance with ancient traditions.
Wild cornelian cherry is picked on September from the forests of Artsakh, Alaverdi and Goris regions.
30-35kg of wild cornelian cherry produce one liter of absolute spirit.

The product is available in classic bottles - (5cl, 35cl, 50cl, 75cl) and souvenirs.

ARTSAKH Cornel was awarded Gold Medal at the 6-th International Conference of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation (2006), Silver Medal in Wine and Spirits Competition, Czech Republic (2006), Bronze Medal in Armprodexpo 2002, WSWA 71st Annual Convention and Exposition, Las Vegas, USA (2014) Silver Medal.

Общие свойства

Ingredients: Cornel spirit of double distillation refined and softened water

Alcohol: 51% Vol. (50 % Vol. for US market)

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