Arette Tequila

Silverio Nuñez No. 100, Col. Centro Tequila, Jalisco, México 46400

ტელეფონი: + 52 (33) 3615 0192
საიტი: www.tequilaarette.com

Artisanal Blanco Suave

Made in small batches using only the heart of the Tequila distillate. Arette does not allow the heads and tails to re-enter the distillation process creating a smooth cool, pleasant and sophisticated style. You can taste the difference.

Aged in steel tanks for six months before it is bottled. This yields a smooth and elegant taste and adds a velvety soft nose. Aromas of agave herbs citrus, flowers and licorice mix in a delicate balance. A smooth entry, followed by herbs and honey and a lingering finish.
A sophisticated non-aged tequila.

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