Waverley Hills

Off the R46 between Tulbagh and Ceres, Wolseley, South Africa

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Waverley Hills Grenache 2014

Grapes were handpicked at full ripeness from a bush vine vineyard on a Southernly facing slope with supplementary irrigation that yields 3 ton/hectare.

100% Grenache

The wine underwent two months of careful maturation in new French oak, to preserve the young fruity aromas of the wine and to prevent the risk of too much wood flavours.

Grapes were cooled overnight to 6 degrees Celsius and de-stemmed and gently crushed early the next morning. Ten percent whole bunches were added to the fermentation tank.

Grenache is the most widely planted grape variety in the world and some of the best wines in the world have some Grenache in it. Single varietal Grenache wines are however hard to find. Typical Pomegranate red colour for this medium bodied and easy drinking style of wine. Made from low-yielding bush vines, this wine has flavours of rooibos tea, watermelon and white spices which are beautifully integrated to give a fresh complexity. The palate is fresh and long lasting with light tannins to make it the perfect food wine for all occasions.

ძირითადი მახასიათებლები

Alcohol: 14.10 %

pH: 3.45

Red Sugar: 1.8 g/l

Tot acid: 6.0 g/l

ამ მწარმოებლის სხვა პროდუქცია

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