Bodegas Villavid

Castilla -La Mancha C/ Nino Jesus, 25 16280 Villarta (Cuenca), Spain

ტელეფონი: +34 962 189 006
საიტი: www.villavid.com

Secret Bubbles of Villavid (Sparkling Semi Dry)

Vino de la Tierra de Castilla.

VINEYARD:From our selected vineyards over 35 years of bobal, in which has been controlled the burden of pruning, as well as green pruning and production. Harvested at optimum moment to achieve phenolic ripeness, after a strict monitoring of maturation.
HARVEST:15-30 September.

PRODUCTION NOTES:Light pressed, short maceration before alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature. Clarified, stabilized and filtered.

TASTING NOTES: Strowberry pink with violet tones. Very fine and abundant bubbles forming crown surface. Intense fruity and pleasant aromas. The palate is very soft, next to carbon makes it o cheerful, elegant and fresh wine that invites you to keep drinking.
Ideal with snacks and all kinds of rice. A real treat for your senses: discover the secret!
Recommended serving temperature : To be served between 4º and 6º C.

ძირითადი მახასიათებლები

Varietal: 100% Bobal

Alcohol: 10,5% vol.

ამ მწარმოებლის სხვა პროდუქცია

საკონტაქტო ინფორმაცია:
600022, რუსეთი, ქ. ვლადიმირი, სტავროვსკაიას 8
ტელეფონი: +79157646274 (English-speaking)
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