Bodegas Villavid

Castilla -La Mancha C/ Nino Jesus, 25 16280 Villarta (Cuenca), Spain

ტელეფონი: +34 962 189 006
საიტი: www.villavid.com

Golden Bubbles (Sparkling Semi Dry)

Vino de la Tierra de Castilla.

VINEYARD:Grapes harvested from our best white vineyard in dry in the region, more than 10 year old, with important difference of temperature between day and night.
HARVEST:15-20 September.

PRODUCTION NOTES:Light pressed, short maceration before alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature. Clarified, stabilized and filtered.
Tasting notes:Pale yellow straw colour with greenish tones. Very fine and abundant bubbles forming crown on top. Intense, elegant and refined aroma, emerging tropical fruit flavours (pineapple, peach and apricot), with a citric touch of sweetness that with the acidity and the carbonic of the fermentation makes the wine pleassant, well-balanced and harmonic. The afteertaste is long and very pleasant remembering the tropical fruit.
Recommended serving temperature : To be served between 4º and 6º C.

ძირითადი მახასიათებლები

Varietal: Macabeo & Verdejo

Alcohol: 10,5% vol.

ამ მწარმოებლის სხვა პროდუქცია

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