Suvla Wines

Perpa Ticaret Merkezi, A Blok, 35-36.Asansör Kat:13, No:1981 Okmeydanı İstanbul, Turkey

ტელეფონი: +90 212 221 0756
საიტი: www.suvla.com.tr


The best known indigenous variety Boğazkere, originated from Anatolia, was grown in Güney Plateau at inner Aegean region of Turkey with an altitude of 870 mt. The variety is crafted at Suvla Winery. It has a very dense garnet red color with velvet hues. The nose is an explosion of fruity notes – cassis, red current, juicy cherry, peach, ripe fig with a subtle vanilla touch. It is a full-bodied wine with mighty tannins. It exhibits a mild finish with long lingering sweet cherry and red current notes.

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