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ARTSAKH Mulberry Silver

Is a unique fruit brandy produced from natural white mulberry in accordance with ancient traditions.
Mulberry picking falls on June and the beginning of July, mainly from Hadrut, Martuni and Askeran regions. Only white mulberry is used for the production process.
14-15kg of mulberry produce one liter of absolute spirit.

The specialists of “Artsakh Brandy Company” have developed a technology of ageing fruit brandies in wooden barrels. Multiple in-depth experiments have shown that the most suitable material for ageing mulberry spirit is “native”- mulberry tree barrels. Barrels give to the drink exquisite sunny shade. “Artsakh Mulberry Silver” has elegant taste and light aroma of mulberry gardens.

The product is available in classic bottles - (5cl, 35cl, 50cl, 75cl) and souvenirs.

Gold medals on Armprodexpo 2001, Armenia, Armprodexpo 2002, Armenia,
Silver medals on “Yerevan Fair” 2000, Armenia, «Acquavite d’oro» 2011, Italy.

Propriétés générales

Ingredients: Mulberry spirit of double distillation refined and softened water

Aging: In mulberry tree barrels not less then 1 year

Alcohol: 45 % Vol.

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