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Our signature wine, a light and fruity red wine produced entirely from the Rondo grape grown from our own Summermoor Vineyard.

The wine expresses ripe strawberry notes on the nose, it is ruby red in colour and has red fruit flavours and savoury game notes to finish. This wine is regularly described as being typically ‘Pinot Noir styled’ and as a result is very versatile, pairing well with a range of dishes such as light game dishes, a variety of vegetarian dishes as well as being equally as enjoyable simply on it’s own.

This wine was first crushed and destemmed, then cool fermented on the skins for just ten days in order to retain the fresh fruit flavours from the fruit. The juice was then pressed off of the skins and fermentation was completed in stainless steel tanks. Once the initial alcohol fermentation was completed, a malolactic fermentation was induced to ensure a soft and rounded feel. Finally, the wine had a small addition of some reserved un-fermented grape juice to ensure a perfectly balanced, fruit driven wine.

The wine is best served at room temperature with food or even very slightly chilled if to be enjoyed on it’s own!

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