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Ochoa Rosado de Lágrima is made by “sangrado” or bleeding: the traditional Navarrese method for making rosé wines.

In this process, the grapes are lightly crushed (not pressed, so they release the lágrima or tears) and this juice is allowed to remain in contact with the flesh and skins for a time (4-6 hours), before being transferred into a stainless steel vat to ferment at a controlled temperature of 18ºC. Ochoa Rosado de Lágrima is one of our best-loved wines at national level and one of our most long-standing products.

To the eye: a pretty light bright pink, with slight purple tones which reveal its youth.
On the nose: predominant fresh aromas of red berries, red currants, strawberries.
In the mouth: long and complex, a very fruity compendium of red berries and freshly-picked strawberries. Its well-structured tannins suggest it will age well.
Recommended serving temperature: 8-10ºC.

- Italian food (pasta, risotto…).
- Oriental food (sweet and sour).
- Home cooking (garden vegetables, white meats, rice dishes and mixed grills).

Características generales

VARIETAL: Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

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