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Valdelosfrailes Verdejo

Wine Description:
Fresh and elegant wine, made entirely with Verdejo grapes

Tasting Notes:
Visual phase: Pale yellow colour with green glints, bright and clean

Olfactory phase: Fruity and strong, primary aromas of tropical fresh fruit (banana and pineapple) in perfect harmony with verdejo scents such as lavender blossoms, lightly aniseed touches of fennel and thyme, hay and fresh herbs.

Gustatory phase: Medium structure, with an acidity touch which gives a noticeable freshness - in perfect harmony with a hardly noticed alcohol. Elegant fruit flavours with the typical bitter touch of this grape variety at the end.

750 ml

Vineyard Characteristics:
Production area/ name of vineyard: Villalba de Adaja
Size of vineyard: 130 Ha.
Soil composition: Gravelly
Training method: Taditional white wine making
Elevation: 650 m.
Vines/Ha.: 4.400 v/Ha.
Yield/Ha.: 7.000 k/Ha.
Orientation: South.
Edad del viñedo: 1998.

Winemaking & Aging:
Varietal Composition: 100% Verdejo.
Harvest Time: October.
First Vintage of this wine: 2005.
Bottles produced of this wine: 850.000.

Fermentation container: Stainless steel tanks
Length of alcoholic fermentation (days): 10-14 days.
Fermentation Temperature (°F): 77 ºF.

Analytical data:
Alcohol: 13.05 %
Residual sugar (g/l): 1.79
Acidity: (g/l): 4.55
Dry extract(g/l):19.1

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