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Kaiken Ultra Chardonnay 2013

Tasting note:
Our Chardonnay Ultra 2013, with its fresh, elegant notes, is the outstanding outcome of a season characterized by rather low summer temperatures. These lower temperatures favored and preserved the concentration of typical Chardonnay flavors and aromas. This wine displays a beautiful brilliant gold color with a greenish rim.
The nose unveils fresh, vibrant aromas of pineapple, white peach, and tropical fruit, delicately intertwined with citrus and subtle aromas from French oak aging. The palate is complex, fresh, and supple, with balanced natural acidity leading to a lovely long finish, with tropical fruit and undertones of vanilla from the oak.

Our Chardonnay Ultra is a delicate wine of great finesse. We recommend serving it at 53°-59°F (12°-15°C), paired with grilled salmon and a butter-based sauce, seafood pasta, or a fresh summer Caesar salad. Store in a cool (<15°C), dry place, protected from direct exposure to light.

Technical information:
Vinyards: The vineyards that produced our Chardonnay Ultra 2013 are located in oneof the most prestigious areas of the Uco Valley. Cold Southern winds and low temperatures —the lowest in the valley— create marked temperature variations. Marine, alluvial soils are highly calcareous.

Harvest report: The Spring of 2013 was dry —very common in Mendoza—and low temperatures favored good flowering and fruit set. High, early summer temperatures, with hot nights, called for careful irrigation management to avoid plant dehydration. From half-way to the end of summer, weather conditions changed and extremely low temperatures were again recorded. Cooler nights gave us fruit with perfect maturity at harvest time. Scarce rainfall and low humidity resulted in healthy plants, allowing us to wait for the ideal moment to pick in April.

Winemaking: To protect it, fruit for our Chardonnay Ultra was hand-picked into 10kg-trays, then manually selected in the winery to avoid any unwanted elements that might affect the wine, before crushing. Before fermentation, 33% of the grapes were macerated for six hours at 46°F (8°C). Must was fermented in small tanks under optimum conditions, preserving vineyard character and qualities. After 20- to 30-day fermentation at 10°C-13°C, 30% of the wine was decanted into French oak barrels and aged for 12 months. Finally, the wine was lightly filtered through cartridges, then bottled.

General properties

Appellation of origin: Mendoza

Variety: 100% Chardonnay

Clone selection: massal selection

Yield: 6 to 8 ton/ha

Pre-fermentative maceration: only 30% for 6 hours at 8°C

Post-fermentation maceration: approximately 25 days at 12°C

Detailed specifications

Alcohol: 14.5°

Total acidity (H2SO4): 3.92g/l

Residual acidity: 1.8g/l

pH: 3.33

Free SO2: 28ppm

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