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Kaiken Terroir Series Malbec - Bonarda - Petit Verdot 2013

Harvest report:
This harvest weather conditions were characterized by the presence of low temperatures and a dry spring, which had a positive impact on the final quality of the grapes. Overall, yields were significantly lower than previous years, and we harvested fruit of greater concentration and balance. Summer was hotter and dryer than expected, which resulted in healthy grapes of optimal ripeness.

Terroir Series Malbec is crafted from grapes sourced from vineyards located in Vistaflores, Tupungato and Agrelo in Mendoza. The best terroir was selected for each variety with the idea of showing the characteristic authenticity of the grapes. In general the vineyards are situated at a high altitude between 950 and 1400 mts.

Fruit was hand-harvested and transported in 10-kilo trays that minimize damage to the berries and preserve the quality of the grapes, which were hand selected at the winery. Afterwards the must was fermented in small tanks which allowed us to carry out fermentation under optimal conditions, preserving characteristics and qualities that the vineyard imparts to the grapes. Alcoholic fermentation lasted on average 7 days at 28°C (xxºF) followed by a post-fermentation maceration that lasted approximately 10 days at 22°C (xx°F). Finally, barrel ageing took place in new and used French oak barrels for a period of 10 months.

Tasting notes:
Our Terroir Series Malbec is an elegante and soft wine ideal to be enjoyed with different meals, especially with red meats. An intense and bright rubi red color, and a nose with very intensive fruit notes, such as blueberries, blackberries and plums. In the mouth it brings out all the silkiness of the Malbec backed by the structure and freshness of Petit Verdot, ending with a mineral finish provided by the Bonarda.

Wine service recommendations:
Decanting the wine at least 30 minutes before serving is highly recommended, so that the wine can breathe, reach its fullest expression and reveal its many delicious aromas and fruit flavours. Serve at no more than 15ºC-17ºC (59ºF-63ºF), and cellar in cool, dry conditions, below 15ºC (59ºF), and away from light.

General properties

Denomination of Origin: Mendoza, Argentina

Varietal composition: 80% Malbec / 12% Bonarda / 8% Petit Verdot

Alcohol: 14.5º

Total Acidity (H2SO4): 3,63

Residual Sugar: 2,8 gr/lt

pH: 3,75

Free SO2: 35 ppm

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