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Dry White Wine 2012

Vitkin Riesling

Grape Varieties:
100% Johanesberg Riesling harvested from Judean Hills’ slopes.

The Vineyards:
Planted on chalky soil of Judean Hills’ slopes, produced a very limited yield.

The fruit was hand picked at the beginning of September and brought to the winery during the cool hours of the day. The juice was pressed gently in a new membrane press. After settling at a low temperature, the very clearest juice was fermented in low temperature for 4 weeks Thereafter, the wine was kept aging on its fine lees, a process which resulted in enriching the complexity and strengthening its tastes. The wine did not go through malolactic fermentation in order to preserve its fresh character.

Tasting Notes:
This dry white wine is well focused, aromatic wine whose complexity and depth is supported by a crispy acidity. Its first year it has a fragrance of fresh lime-green citrus fruit, white flowers and minerals. Under proper storage conditions additional aromas typical of Riesling variety can develop petroleum, honeysuckle and honey.

Vitkin Johannesberg Riesling 2006 is especially suited to accompany sea food, roasted poultry and Peking duck.
It should be decanted a short time before serving.
Recommended serving temperature - 8° - 12° C.

This is a wine which has an unusual aging capacity compared to white wines of this region. Under proper storage conditions it will continue to develop and gain complexity for 3 - 5 years after harvest year.

General properties

Alcohol: 12.50%

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