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Red Israeli Journey 2012

Dry Red Wine

Grape Varieties:
Syrah, Carignan and some Cabernet Franc.

The Syrah and Cabernet Franc come from the slopes of the Jerusalem Hills, the Carignan from the lower Carmel Mountain.

The grapes were delicately pressed and fermented in separate stainless steel tanks, the Syrah and Carignan going through Punch Down a number of times per day during alcoholic fermentation. The Cabernet Franc went through Remontage twice a day. After an average 15 days skin contacts, the wine went through malolactic fermentation and first sedimentation in tanks. Thereafter maturity and aging in French oak barrels. The wine aged for 10 months in barrels, 10% of them new. Each variety aged in separate barrels and afterwards the merging took place.

Tasting Notes:
The resulting wine has a bright purple violet color, an intensive aroma of ripe plums, violets, Mediterranean herbs, pepper and a little vanilla. It has a good complexity, a balanced body and a pleasant fruity finish. The Syrah contributes the fruity and flowery taste to the wine, the Carignan gives it the strong color and the rich fruit character and Cabernet Franc its spicy taste, its body and structure.

Red Israeli Journey suitably accompanies a wide variety of dishes: grilled meat, hard cheeses and spiced food.

Recommended serving temperature - 16° C.

The wine is ready for immediate enjoyable drinking. Under proper storage conditions, it will continue to develop for 3 to 4 years from harvest.
In order to preserve the fruitiness of its tastes, the wine was not filtered or fined except for cores filtration prior to bottling. For this reason, there may occur in time, natural sediments which will not affect its quality.

General properties

Alcohol: 12.0%

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