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White Israeli Journey 2013

Dry White Wine

Grape Varieties:
Unusual merger of four varieties: 30% Russan, a new variety 30% Viognier, 30% French Colombard, 10% Gewürztraminer.

Jerusalem Hills region and Ellah Valley.

Each variety was separately fermented in stainless steel tanks. Part of the Viognier was fermented in new French oak barrels with a Burgundy type toasting, and aged for about 3 months on its lees in order to enhance its aromatic complexity and structure.

Tasting Notes:
The resulting wine is an aromatic, fresh and complex dry white wine. Its first year characteristics are citrussy-grassy freshness and a little floral. Later the Viognier, yellow/white fruit (peach-nectarine, apricot), tangerine and melon, flowers and honey aromas are to be expected. The Viognier contributes its rich, ripe yellow fruit structure, the Colombard gives the citrus freshness and the Gewürztraminer the exotic floral touch.

Israel Journey White will be perfect to serve with cold salads, pasta dishes, fish and poultry. Recommended serving temperature - 8° - 10° C.

The wine is ready for immediate enjoyable drinking. Under proper storage conditions, it will continue to develop for a year or two from harvest.

General properties

Alcohol: 12.0%

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