Bodegas Ochoa

C/ Miranda de Arga 35 31390 Olite (Navarra), Spain

Phone: +34 948 740 006
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Ochoa Gran Reserva is a reference of our winery and is produced only in exceptional harvest years. It is mature, elegant and very silky. It comes from a selection of grapes from our own vineyard. It spends a full 5 years in the winery, aging first for 24 months in 225 L. French and American oak casks and allowed to develop for a further 3 in the bottle. It is a wine for very special occasions.

This wine undergoes no stabilization treatments or processes and some sedimentation may therefore occur over time.

To the eye: Cherry red with a brick red robe.
On the nose: Clean and potent on the nose. Aromas of black fruits and hardwoods.
In the mouth: Flavourful and potent, well structured, with a good balance of woody and ripe fruit notes.
Recommended serving temperature: 18ºC-20ºC.

- Grilled meats.
- Duck, pork, beef, casseroles.
- Mature cheeses.

General properties

VARIETALS: Tempranillo 55%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%, Merlot 15%

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