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ÉS* Poma

‘It’s apple’ grenache mistelle with apple.
Low colour intensity and excellent presence of green apple aromas that reveal a delicate treatment of the product, avoiding any kind of oxidation. On the nose, a Mistelle with clean, elegant aromas. In the mouth, the volume and strength of the Grenache appear together with the refreshing sensation given by the apple’s malic acid. Fine and silky in the mouth, with a certain femenine touch, and good final persistence.

42% Red Grenache
42% Apple juice
8% Ethyl alcohol from wine distillation
8% Ethyl alcohol from apples from the Italian region of Trento

General properties

Alcohol: 15,5%vol

Volatile acidity: 0,2g/l

Residual sugar: 95g/l

Stopper: natural cork

Bottle: Tall 50cl

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