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Onesta Wines capture the truth and honesty of each vintage, uniting the vines, the land, Mother Nature, and maturation. Jillian, Winemaker/Owner, promises to deliver wines with personality and depth every year. She believes life should be filled with family, good friends and adventure. Life is short, live by truth and honesty and you will always find peace and happiness. Enjoy wine on a regular basis!

The Grenache Blanc is from The Clay Station vineyard in north east Lodi. The soil has an amber hue, indicating the mineral content is high. Markus Bokisch is meticulous in his care for these vines. Grenache Blanc is a perfect match for this site; the vines are vigorous and produce a large canopy that naturally shades the delicate clusters from the heat of the day.

With all Onesta wines, Jillian showcases what Lodi can offer; bright, balanced, fruit forward wines with a north coast profile. 100% Grenache Blanc whole cluster pressed for gentle handling. Cold fermentation in stainless steel retains the fresh tropical fruit avors while sur lie aging for 6 months gives the wine a richness on the palate.

White flowers, meyer lemon, and a hint of white peach jump out of the glass. A bright and refreshing white wine, with complex layers of sea mist and minerality, will quench any thirst on a hot summer day.

Oysters or crudo course, arugula & peach salad, scallops or poached fish with Beurre Blanc sauce.

Only 270 cases made.

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