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Tinto Roble Villavid (Bobal)

I.G. Tierra de Castilla

VINEYARD:From our selected vineyards over 35 years of bobal, in which has been controlled the burden of pruning, as well as green pruning and production. Harvested at optimum moment to achieve phenolic ripeness, after a strict monitoring of maturation.
HARVEST:15-30 September

The fermentation-maceration is carried out in our self emptying stainless steel tanks for 12 days. After malolactic fermentation it is aged in our American oak barrels for 3 months. Subsequently clarified and bottled wine to achieve this Tierra de Castilla roble.
Tasting notes: Medium to bold garnet red wine with a violet edge.
Intensely aromatic nose that recalls ripe red berries, blackberries, cherries and prunes with well-integrated
toasty notes. Structured, intense and tasty. Bright and fruity with a balanced toasty vanilla touch. Long finish.
Recommended serving temperature : 16º-18º C

General properties

Varietal: 100% Bobal

Alcohol: 12,50% vol.

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