Cantine Capecci Winery

Cda Santa Maria in Accubitu 15, Italy

Phone: +39 320 077 8665
Website: www.vinicapecci.it

Donna Lina / Offida Pecorino

Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita .
Prince of our territory (Ascoli Piceno Province) , the Pecorino was a great rediscovery in the last years. Donna Lina has a straw yellow color , full scents of tropical fruit and a light scent of tertiary scents .Leave it bleach in the glass to discover all its Characteristics . Possible a residual on the bottom of the glass , it’s just a synonym of its genuineness . it contains a very low quantities of sulfites but no other chemical additive .
Vine Variety Pecorino Characteristic young white wine with a full yellow he has scent of tropical fruit with a final full scent of almond , balanced with a very fresh taste wine making The fermentation is activated by Natural yeast. No control of the temperature during the fermentation phase , no allergens, we leave it to
decant naturally, possible some residual in the bottle, small quantities of sulfites but no other chemical additive.
Proof 13,50 %vol.
Service ideal serving temperature 12°. Serve in Bordeaux glass.
The taste change as time gets by food match Roast fish and fried fishes, seasoned cheeses, pasta with truffle sauces.

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