Usakhelauri Vineyards

Nutsubidze str. 14, 0177, Tbilisi, Georgia

Phone: (+995) 599 70 70 19
Website: www.usakhelauri.ge

USAKHELAURI (Semi-sweet red wine)

“Usakhelauri” is a naturally semi-sweet red wine produced from Georgian specie of grapes of the same name, found only in two villages of Lechkhumi region (west Georgia): Okureshi and Zubi. Usakhelauri is a corpulent wine of dark ruby color, distinguished by enchanting aroma and unique taste, characteristic solely of this specie, with flavor of fruit (mostly blackberry, wild berries, cherry, red sweet cherry), chocolate and cake. It is rich in tannin, and is characterized by long time aftertaste.

General properties

Volume: 0.75 L

Available Quantity: 3000 – 4000 Bottles

Density 20/20 C: 1.01503

Real Alcohol: 11.7-12.5 %

Reducing Sugars: 45-48 g/l

Total Acidity: 7.8 g/l

Volatile Acidity: 0.59 g/l

SO2 Free: 19 mg/l

SO2 total: 103 mg/l

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