Domain Glinavos

440 03, Zitsa, Ioannina, Greece

Phone: +30 2658 02 22 12
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Protected Geographical Indication “Ioannina”
Off-dry White Wine

Vinification: Musting takes place in pneumatic presses under very low pressure. Then, the fermentation begins at a controlled temperature of 16° – 18°C. A few grams of unfermented sugars remain.

Average Annual Production: 8000 bottles

Wine Characteristics: Traminer is the fruit of very long, time-consuming efforts. The intense, pleasant aromas with the scent of spices and rose make this wine unique.

Accompanies: Sushi, oysters, creamy cheese, fruit and deserts.

General properties

Variety: Gewurztraminer 100%

Harvest: End of August- beginning of September

To be served: Chilled at 8°– 10°C, and as an aperitif

Bottle: 500ml

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