Domain Glinavos

440 03, Zitsa, Ioannina, Greece

Phone: +30 2658 02 22 12
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Old Times (Paliokairisio)

Orange Semi-sparkling Wine
Protected Geographical Indication “Ioannina”

Vinification: The fermentation process of de-stemmed grapes lasts 15 days in room temperature. When the temperature starts falling the first decanting takes place. Two successive decanting procedures follow and the new wine continues to ferment in closed wine tanks. Bottling is done without adding other substances.

First Year Released: 2010.

Wine Characteristics: Tea and cognac colour. Its aromas are those of apple and of butter in mild oxidation. The small amount of natural carbonate bring out the richness of tastes and aromas with a sweetness that blends harmoniously with all the other elements.

Accompanies: Local food and at every occasion.

General properties

Varieties: Debina & Vlahiko

Area of Cultivation: Ioannina

Harvest: 20th September – 10th October

To be served: Chilled at 8°- 10°C

Bottle: 500ml

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