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Anna Maria Rosé Demi-Sec

Rosé Natural Sparkling Wine
Protected Geographical Indication “Ioannina”

Vinification: Authentic rosé sparkling wine. The free run of the red Syrah variety is extracted at low temperature during a short extraction period. It is produced using the classic traditional method followed for sparkling wines, which is fermentation in bottles.

First Year of Release: 2005.

Average Annual Production: 5.000 bottles.

Wine Characteristics: Rosé color with nuances of violet and rose. Rich aroma of pomegranate, strawberry and blackberry and also of freshly baked bread. Small dense bubbles, rich foam with long duration completes this fine and classy sparkling wine.

Accompanies: All special, festive occasions in life with cake, dessert or fruit and also as aperitif. To be served at: 6° – 8°C in champagne glasses.

General properties

Variety: Syrah

Area of Cultivation: Ioannina

Harvest: 1st – 10th of September

Bottle: 750ml

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