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Natural Sparkling White Wine
Protected Designation of Origin “Zitsa”

Vinification: The free run juice is gradually extracted from selected grapes. The long fermentation period in bottles in ideal temperature and moisture conditions, grants the delicate palate and aroma of the wine, a rich foam and long duration of the bubbles.

First Year of Release: 2000.

Average Annual Production: 5.000 – 10.000 bottles.

Wine Characteristics: Clear, vivid colour with golden reflections and crystal transparency, rich aroma of fruit and lemon flowers, young, vivid palate with nuances of fine spices.

Accompanies: Black caviar, foie gras and fine snacks.

General properties

Variety: Debina, collected from hill-side vineyards with grapes of fine acidity

Area of Cultivation: Zitsa

Harvest: 20th – 25th of September

To be served at: 6°- 8°C in champagne glasses

Bottle: 750ml

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