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Conde de San Cristóbal

This wine is made from grapes which come exclusively from our vineyard estate surrounding our cellar. During the harvest, the reception of grapes concludes within 30-40 minutes. Conde de San Cristóbal, as part of Bodegas y Viñedos del Marqués de Vargas Family Wines & States, supports the concept and practice of sustainable winegrowing, herbicides and pesticides are not used in the vineyards.
The wine is made traditionally according to the old-world methods side by side with the utmost technology. The wine is bottled without any fining or filtering, resulting in an unprocessed and fully natural wine.

General properties

D.O.: Ribera del Duero

Varieties: Tinta Fina (80%), Merlot (10%), Cabernet Sauvignon (10%)

Oak ageing: 12 months in French, American and Russian oak

Detailed specifications

Alcohol: 14,00 %

Acidity: 5,70 g/l

pH: 3,45

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