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Marques de Vargas Reserva Privada

Deep black cherry hue with dark-chocolaty undertones and violet rims. On the nose rich fragrance of dark fruit as blackberries ad mulberries enriched with aromas of violets. Extraordinary complex and refined nose with developing hints of menthol and balsamic notes. On the palate great density and velvety texture. Well combined tannins from oak and fruit add structure,notes of a wide spectrum of fruit flavours. Concentrated, sophisticated, elegant and great for extended cellaring.

General properties

D.O.: Ca Rioja

Varietals: Tempranillo (60%), Mazuelo (10%), Garnacha (10%) & others (20%)

Vineyard: El Cónsul (7 ha), La Misela (3 ha) and Terrazas (7 ha) – average age of vineyard 41 years.

Oak ageing: 23 months in Russian oak

Detailed specifications

Alcohol: 14%

Acidity: 5.80 gr/l tartaric

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