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Rento 2011

2011: Moderate winter with a short period of frosts and little rainfall. Mild spring, moderately rainy and hot towards the end. Mild and dry start to summer, very hot at the end with acute drought. Superb harvesting conditions at the beginning of October, with good ripening owing to the high temperatures and healthy conditions thanks to the absence of rainfall.

The Hito Corto vineyards have been cared for with such devotion and affection that they are well worthy of being included in the history of RENTO. It is the only Grupo Matarromera estate to be located on the left, southerly bank of the river Duero (Quintanilla de Arriba). It is a very special vineyard: no chemical products are used in its day-to-day cultivation.

The wine
The grapes harvested on the Hito Corto estate boast exceptional sugar levels and colour intensity, which subsequently manifest themselves in the wine. The grapes are subject to twofold selection, first bunch by bunch and then grape by grape. Rento 2011 was aged for 18 months in 50 barrels of mainly French oak, from such prestigious coopers as Taransaud, Berthomieu, Boutes and Cantón. The barrels are stacked in only one layer and are refilled by hand.

It has an intense colour with a dark cardinal-red tone and significant purplish hues. The
bouquet is full, honest and very complex, ripe black fruit predominating amid a multitude
of aging notes; cedar wood, liquorice, India ink... It has a good structure, stylish and silky,
with a powerful body and a notable framework of robust, well-controlled tannins with an
enduring finish.

750 ml

Origin of the wine
Name of the vineyard: Hito Corto (Quintanilla de Arriba)
Surface area: 2 ha
Formation: trellised vineyard
Soil texture: loam-sandy soils
Production process: traditional for reds
Height: 740 m
Production/ha: 6.000 kg/ha
Orientation of the trellising: W-E
Incline: 0-5%
Years planted: 1999

Harvest and aging
Variety: 100% Tempranillo
Harvest: October
First Harvest: 2001
Bottles produced: 16.000
Fermentation: 10-14 days in stainless steel tanks (26ºC)
Aging: 18 months in barrels and 24 months in bottles

Analytical data
Alcohol: 15%
Residual sugar (g/l): 1.35 g/l
Acidity: (g/l): 5.5 g/l
Dry extract(g/l): 28,8 g/l

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid sunlight.
Temperature: Drink at 16-18ºC

94P Robert Parker 2011 (Rento 2005)
92P Guía Repsol 2013 (Rento 2005)
90P Wine Enthusiast Nov. 2011 (Rento 2005)
90P Guía Peñín 2011 (Rento 2005)
90P Guía Intervinos 2013 (Rento 2005)

Awards for previous vintages
91P Wine Spectator 2014 (Rento 2006)
90P Guía Peñín 2011 (Rento 2005 y 2006)
94P Robert Parker 2011 (Rento 2005)
92P Guía Repsol 2013 (Rento 2005)
90P Wine Enthusiast Nov. 2011 (Rento 2005)
90P Guía Intervinos 2013 (Rento 2005)
OIV Bacchus de Plata (Rento 2004)

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