Waverley Hills

Off the R46 between Tulbagh and Ceres, Wolseley, South Africa

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Waverley Hills Viognier Semillon Chardonnay 2013

Oakleaf / Kroonstad soils, with drip irrigation delivering a production of 5-9 tons/ha. Viognier and Chardonnay were harvested at 22ºC balling and the Semillon at 23ºC balling.

47% Viognier
22 % Semillon
22% Chardonnay
9% Pinot Grigio

All 3 wines were left on their fermentation lees for the whole duration in the barrels before blending. Regular batonage (stirring of the lees) took place during this period. Malolactic fermentation also took place in the barrels. 9% of unwooded Pinot Grigio was blended before the wine was stabilised for bottling for freshness.

Viognier spent 4 months in 2nd fill 500 litre Hungarian oak barrels, including fermentation. 50% of the fermentation was done with natural yeast. Semillon spent 5 months, including fermentation, in 2nd fill 500 litre Hungarian oak barrels. The Chardonnay spent 4 months, including fermentation, in 1st fill 500 litre French oak barrels. The wine was then blended and put back into the barrels for another 15 months.

It is a Mediterranean style wine with riper grapes, bigger oak vessels and a warm character. White tropical fruit flavours are complemented by fresh butter and nutty aromas. A dried fruit character gives the wine extra complexity with the subtle oak influence. This is a fresh wine that is full and well-balanced on the palate with a lingering silky aftertaste.

Allgemeine Merkmale

Alcohol: 13.47 %

pH: 3.2

Red Sugar: 2.0 g/l

Tot acid: 6.4 g/l

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