Cantine Capecci Winery

Cda Santa Maria in Accubitu 15, Italy

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A wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon that finds its natural stability and its balance without using any kind of enological clarification in barrique for two years. The Cabernet sauvignon is without no doubt the most known vine variety in the world , used for producing high quality wine. It has a great ability to adapt itself to the territory, maintaining its characteristic. It has a low quantities of sulfites but no other chemical additive.
vine variety Cabernet Sauvignon characteristic, : full velvet taste, little bit tannic color red rubin tend to granate scents of Tobacco and mixed berries.
Wine making The fermentation is activated by native yeast.the wine is not subjected to any enological clarifications. In 24 months of barriques, it loses all the proteins in surplus, it contains very small quantities of sulfites but no other chemical additive.
Proof 14,00 %vol.
Service ideal serving temperature 18°. Serve in Bordeaux Glass.
Change taste as time gets by food match Roast meat, cured meats and good seasoned cheeses.
We won a Prize at the International Cabernet sauvigno Forum.

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