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Naturae 2015 (Young Wine)

Naturae: red wine without added sulfites.

Red wine without added sulfites, produced with grapes harvested by hand, what we do is just waiting in our cellar that the wine is ready, we don’t do anything else, we don’t make any kind of handlings. The Fermentation is activated with native yeasts, we don’t use any kind of chemical additivies, any kind of stabilizer agent or preservative, any kind of restructuring tannin or other kind of wine-additives. Naturae is a young red wine produced in little quantities because the San Martino’s feast day when for the Italian tradition “every wine must become wine”. Only Montepulciano grapes for a young structured wine with a small sugar residual. The smells will change rapidly as the time gets by. Another product from Capecci winery simply amazing, also in Rosè version
Available only in the month of November and December. There’s a great tradition in the Italian culture for the San Martino feast on the 11th of November Italy celebrates San Martino, St. Martin, a soldier of the Roman Empire who became a Saint for his great humility and generosity. These days are also characterized by relatively good warm weather. The period indeed is also called Estate di San Martino .
This is also the right moment of the year to try "novello" wine (new wine); as the old Italian saying reminds us "A San Martino ogni mosto diventa vino" (On S. Martin's day every wine must turns into wine).
Festivals and celebrations are organized throughout Italy, with people usually preparing the typical "zeppole or frittelle di San Martino" and drinking vino novello .

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