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Petra Sparkling Passerina White Wine

Type of wine: Spumante Uve Passerina.
Vine-Variety: Passerina.
Withouth added sulphites.

The production of this wine follow a specific natural way, the fermentation is made in a steel container and it’s activated by Natural yeast without controlling the temperature.
Progressively the wine is made decanted naturally in steel barrel, we just leave the barrels outside the winery and only the cold of the winter will help the process.
During this time the wine will be in contact with the exhausted yeasts and its light wine lees.
It will find its natural stability, the wine will lose all the protein in excess and we will have the stabilization of the acids only as the time gets by.
Before the Easter period , we provide the refinement in bottle ( second fermentation in the bottle).
We didn’t want to write the lettering “Metodo Classico” because we prefer to put it in on the market after a short refinement in bottle of about 3 months, considering that with after particular natural way of fermentation , the wine is full already of bread scents, thanks to its contact with exhausted yeasts and its light wine lees.
We don’t make any disgorging , we like to propose it cloudy, with some yeast and the surplus of the fermentation in suspension.
A professional sommelier will note that this wine changes its shades with the variation of the temperature and with the time that gets by in the glass. The second fermentation in the bottle is made by adding some specific yeasts, used for this kind of job.
With this long process we take away the set of manipulation that are normal in the realizing these kind of wines , we can produce without using any kind of chemical stabilizer or preservatives.
Not refrigerated , not filtrated during the bottling , Considering the naturalness of the product please store it in a proper way. Some surplus of fermentation in suspension means genuineness.
Also in version Rosè.

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