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Cda Santa Maria in Accubitu 15, Italy

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Nudo (Naked): Red Wine

Nudo is a strong young wine where we can taste the tannicity balanced with an appropriate sugary residual. Full bodied structure and good alcohol content. The smell perceptions in this wine will bring us back to the smell of grapes and to the smell of fruit fermenting. The most careful observer will perceive an initial classical smell of Farm , typical of these wines, the smells will change rapidily as the time gets by. Let yourself get involved with this fabulous pure grape juice.100 % , 100 % fruity .
Vine Variety Sangiovese e Cabernet Sauvignon Characteristic : Young with an intese red color tend to violet with a scent of undergrowth and a final scent of flowers.balanced taste ,little bit tannic.
Wine making Red wine without sulfites in the cellar. We just wait that the wine is ready without any kind of manipulation the fermentation is activated by natural yeast. We don’t use any kind of chemical additieves.
Proof 14,00 %vol.
Service Ideal serving temperature 18°. Serve in Bordeaux glass.
Change the taste as the time gets by matching roast meat,cured meats seasonead cheeses.

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