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Falerio Pecorino "Erinni"

Controlled denomination origin
The pecorino is an old vine variety with Marche region background. It is one of the Italian vine variety that belongs to the group of white grapes vine variety characterized by a typical wing-grapes.
The pecorino grape reputedly was brought back from the brink of extinction. One story is that some examples of Pecorino were found in a growing wild in a narrow gorge in Italy’s Marche Region. Cuttings were taken , and eventually identified as the Pecorino Variety , which was indeed known to ampelographical research, but was thought to be extinct. A few local growers eventually took up the branch of re-establishing the variety as missing piece of the local viticultural quilt. The origin of its unusual name is still debated , but the most common story is that the variety was a favorite snack of the sheep that were often driven through the vineyard lands on their way to lower pastures. Another theory postulates that the bunches resemble the shape of a sheep’s head.
Vine variety Pure product realized with pecorino
Grapes with native vine-variety, in the DOC we have 22 municipalities of the Ascoli Piceno Province.
Characteristics :straw yellow color with green reflexes intense aroma, with a final scent of fresh fruit , a little bit acid.
Vine making selection of the grapes, softly pressed.
Fermentation with controlled temperature.
Ripening in steel wine barrels ,refinement in bottles for minimum 60 days.
Proof 13%vol.
Service the ideal service temperature is 10-12°. Serve in flute glass
Food : perfect with seafood, not seasoned cheeses and white meat.

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