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How to add products in TrustThisProduct®: Wines & Spirits catalog?

First, be aware that the including of information about your products in our catalog can be allowed either to the producers themselves, or their authorized marketing agency or distributor.

We track the content placed in the catalog, so you may be refused in including in the catalogue, and in the placement of the individual products.

To add information about your products to the catalog, you have to register in Service TrustThisProduct®. Registration in Service is free of charge. After registration, you add the description of your company and products to the Service. To ensure that your information appears in the catalog, you will have to pay for "Publication in Wines & Spirits catalog", the price is 80 USD per year.

We try to make all possible to collect only actual information in the catalog. To solve this task we have introduced a special system for calculating the position of the producer in the catalog. It is calculated by a formula comprising, logging time of the producer to the administrative part of the catalog with descriptions of its products as well as the number of likes received by the producers catalog page. At the same moment the logging time is a key factor, so as often you check/add information about your products in the catalog, the higher information you have is situated in it.

In addition to the publication in the catalog, you will also be available to other Service functions, which help you to increase customer loyalty to your products, implement market researches, protect your products from counterfeiting and raise awareness of your products in social media.

Add your products into TrustThisProduct® international catalog.

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